How To Tease Your Hair Without Totally Torturing It

TeasePhotographed by Winnie Au.
Peek into any hairstylist's brush kit, and there's one tool you'll almost always find: the teasing comb. And, for good reason — when done right, teasing is pretty much essential in helping you pull off some of beauty's raddest styles. Screw up your technique, though, and your tresses can get trashed — fast. But, truth is, most of us need some brushing up on our, er, brush know-how. That's why Beautylish chatted with Moroccanoil artistic creator Antonio Corral Calero to get the scoop on fluffing your hair the right way.
The biggest challenge to figuring out how to volumize your mane is to identify what kind of locks you've got. Lots of thick hair? Tease away. Slightly thinner strands? Calero recommends back-combing. Instead of working your brush up and down, stick to one direction — down toward the root. Regardless of which way you work your brush, Calero reminds us to be kind to our hair: If you're too rough, your tresses will thank you by breaking off. And, no one wants that.
Calero even dishes on exactly what tools you need (try a boar-bristle brush), how to prep (second-day hair is best), and then how to actually go about teasing so you don't wind up with a fistful of errant hairs. Hey, if learning to tease means we can skip a shampoo every now and then, we're definitely on board. (Beautylish)

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