Here’s What To Do When You’re Really Sweaty

Photographed by Annie Wu.
Feeling sweaty is never fun. Sticky thighs and pit stains? No thanks. But, with rising temperatures, it's probably going to happen a lot more often than we'd like. Thankfully, this new video from the Royal Institution has the secret to keeping your cool without looking like a sticky mess. Before we get too far, we'd like to remind you that sweating is an extremely important bodily process. The video explains that we, like all mammals, need to keep our body temperature within a specific range. Since we're warm-blooded, our bodies take care of this business themselves. We have a few strategies for regulating our own temperature, including convection, evaporation, and conduction. Convection and conduction work pretty well when it's cold out, but evaporation is our only option when the outer temperature is warmer than our bodies. So, cue the sweat. Natural as it is, sweating may not be your ideal state. Thankfully, you can help your body out by speeding up the necessary cooling of your blood — thus curbing your need to sweat. The video suggests running your wrists under a cold tap, putting a cool cloth on the back of your neck, or taking a tip from the ancient Egyptians and sleeping with a damp towel. Or, you could try our method of simply never going 15 feet beyond the reach of AC until September.

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