How To Spy On Someone (You Know, Just In Case You Need To)

SkyfallOPPhoto: Courtesy of Sony Pictures.
Maybe you've watched too much Bored To Death — or seen this Kardashian shenanigan one too many times — but at some point, you've probably considered indulging your snoopy side. (Yes, we're talking about spying.) From Harriet the Spy to Agatha Christie's pro PIs, detectives have that effortlessly cool, super-subtle vibe down, and they make the task of tailing someone look like a thrill ride.

Note: It is pretty creepy (and often illegal) to stalk people — so we're not condoning that. But, should you need to track someone's movements, Lifehacker has a handy tutorial to ensure you don't get busted. A sample tip: Sitting in the front seat of your car and staring directly ahead of you is an easy way to get noticed. A real PI would use a car's side and rearview mirrors to watch people, which makes you less conspicuous. Hey, you never know when you might need to be your own Daniel Craig-style hero, right?

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