How To Shape Your Nails Like A Pro

Alright, you caught us. When we’re in a bind, we’ve been known to hastily file our nails any which way we please — even though we knew we’re doing a disservice to their health and appearance. Those days are over. Because, if you're not filing your nails correctly, you're pretty much damaging them, and where's the good in that?
But, friends, we have excellent news: Whether the shape you're aiming for is square, oval, or (our favorite portmanteau) squoval, following a few guidelines will make all the difference in how your nails look and feel. Feathered, peeling, or break-prone nails can be a thing of the past — if you know what to do. So, follow the video above to learn how to shape your nails the right way. We’re taking notes, too!
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