How To Pose Like A Street Style All-Star

Photo: Courtesy of Candice Lake.
We all want an amazing profile picture, don't we? But for most of us, looking nonchalantly fabulous in the middle of a crosswalk, while talking on our phone and trying to flag a taxi, sounds like a pretty tall order. Doing it with not so much as a pleat out of place? Impossible — unless you're Chiara Ferragni.
If you've ever wished you looked more natural, longer-legged, less cross-eyed, and/or all of the above in impromptu photographs, we're here to help. We went straight to some of the world's top street style photographers — those who've witnessed the good, bad, and ugly of on-the-town posing — and asked them to shed some light on how to do it like a pro.
Ahead, their foolproof tips for how to look incredible in pictures. We can't promise that you'll score a perfect shot every single time, but you will be one big step closer to becoming a true street style all-star!
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Photo: Courtesy of Craig Arend.
Craig Arend, Founder Of ALTAMIRANYC
"Just as it takes time to find your authentic sense of personal style, it also takes time to find your authentic sense of visually portraying that style through photographs. Be easy on yourself. Smile, relax the shoulders, and focus on how great you feel and look. That confidence will manifest itself non-verbally in the photos."
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Photo: Courtesy of Candice Lake.
Candice Lake
"There's nothing more mesmerising than a killer smile — flash one and it will be your best face!"
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Photo: Courtesy of David Nyanzi.
David Nyanzi, Founder Of The Nyanzi Report
"Breathe and relax; don't look tense, and try to look comfortable in your own skin."
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Photo: Courtesy of Eddie Newton.
Eddie Newton, Founder Of Mr Newton
"My advice is to forget about full-on posing and instead take a moment to simply think about conveying relaxed body language. Take a deep breath, relax the shoulders and elevate your chin ever so slightly to get more light on your face. Smiling is great, though a simple blasé expression is preferable to a forced or awkward smile. If you prefer candid pics, you still want them to be great candid pics... Have a brief chat with the photographer and then collaborate on an amazing 'staged candid.' And in the street-style world, that's not even an oxymoron."
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Photo: Courtesy of Gunnar Lillehammer.
Gunnar Lillehammer, Founder Of Styleclicker
"You can dress as extreme as you want as long as you don't feel disguised. For the photo: Do nothing except looking into the camera. That's all I need."
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Photo: Courtesy of Liisa Jokinen.
Liisa Jokinen, Founder Of Hel Looks
"Be natural, be yourself. You don’t need to pose, just be there! A full-front, natural [shot] looking straight to the camera is often the most powerful and strong option."
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Photo: Courtesy of Koo Youngjun.
Koo Youngjun, Founder Of I’m Koo
"If you really want to be shot on the streets during fashion shouldn't overdress, nor underdress. You have to find that balance. The way you react to photographers is important as well. Since candid shots are trending in street style photography, and because they simply look better and natural, you should try not to be cautious of the photographers and just go on with getting to where you need to go."
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Photo: Courtesy of Kuba Dabrowski.
Kuba Dabrowski, Shoots Street Style For WWD
"The best pose is no pose at all."
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Photo: Courtesy of Le 21ème.
Adam Katz Sinding, Shoots For W & Le 21ème
"Live your life. I'm there to document you doing your thing. I don't want to see anything but what you would be doing if I weren't there with a Nikon pressed to my face. The moment you start to pose, I lose interest, as the moment is no longer authentic. So, in short: Ignore me."
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Photo: Courtesy of Liam Goslett.
Liam Goslett, Founder Of Liam Saw This
"I think the most important part of having your photo taken is just to keep it loose. Try to pretend it's a friend taking your photo and don't be so quick to snap into a pose. It keeps everything light and fun-looking."
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Photo: Courtesy of Marie-Paola Bertrand-Hillion.
Marie-Paola Bertrand-Hillion, Founder Of Mademoiselle-Marie
"We street-style photographers love people who smile, laugh, and play with their outfit or with their attitude — jumping, spinning their skirt, or pulling a face, for example."
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Photo: Courtesy of Michelle Bobb-Parris.
Michelle Bobb-Parris, Founder Of Who Is Bobb-Parris
"Your best pose is one that shows how at ease you are with your look. To help you look more relaxed, shift your weight to one leg and separate your feet slightly to give a bit of dimension to your stance. Whether it's a smile or a stone-faced pout is up to you. Some people can pull off some serious Blue Steel, but from a Mona Lisa to a face-splitting grin, do what comes naturally!"
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Photo: Courtesy of Phil Oh.
Phil Oh, Founder Of Street Peeper
"Don't try to shoehorn yourself into a trendy style that doesn't fit your personality."
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Photo: Courtesy of Alkistis Tsitouri.
Alkistis Tsitouri, Founder Of Streetgeist
"Turn straight towards the camera and keep your eyes on the lens. Sometimes I ask people to [move] their inch higher or lower, depending on the situation."
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Photo: Courtesy of Suzanne Middlemass.
Suzanne Middlemass, Shoots For Glamour U.K. & At Suzanne Middlemass
"A natural look and pose is what I aim to capture. If you are a smiley person, smile. How you dress reflects your personality; I want your expression and pose to do the same. The best images come from subjects who are themselves and don't try to be something different."
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Photo: Courtesy of Soren Jepsen.
Soren Jepsen, Founder Of The Locals
"Be yourself. Don’t try to copy anybody or to recreate poses you’ve seen from others. You do your best."
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Photo: Courtesy of Vanessa Jackman.
Vanessa Jackman
"I think the most important thing is to be comfortable in what you are wearing during fashion week. If you aren't happy with your outfit or are wearing pieces that you would not normally wear in ‘real’ life, that can show in your face and the way you hold yourself. Not used to wearing heels? Stick with flats or sneakers. Or, if you are usually a jeans-and-sweatshirt girl, don't feel you have to put on a dress just because it's fashion week. Oh, and if you aren't sure what to do with your hands, pop them into your pockets!"
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Photo: Courtesy of Zanita Whittington.
Zanita Whittington, Rounder Of Zanita
"Candid imagery can be very successful, so if you're walking and being photographed, don't tense up. If you're feeling nervous, it's going to be plain as day in a picture, and the shot will be worthless. Stroll with confidence! Release the tension in your shoulders, neck, and jaw. If you're talking with a friend, don't be afraid to talk and laugh. The least contrived shots are the most compelling."

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