How To Pose Like A Street Style All-Star

We all want an amazing profile picture, don't we? But for most of us, looking nonchalantly fabulous in the middle of a crosswalk, while talking on our phone and trying to flag a taxi, sounds like a pretty tall order. Doing it with not so much as a pleat out of place? Impossible — unless you're Chiara Ferragni.
If you've ever wished you looked more natural, longer-legged, less cross-eyed, and/or all of the above in impromptu photographs, we're here to help. We went straight to some of the world's top street style photographers — those who've witnessed the good, bad, and ugly of on-the-town posing — and asked them to shed some light on how to do it like a pro.
Ahead, their foolproof tips for how to look incredible in pictures. We can't promise that you'll score a perfect shot every single time, but you will be one big step closer to becoming a true street style all-star!