3 Easy Steps To Make Your Bedroom AWESOME

For those among us with limited funds, limited time, and a limited interest in Pinterest projects requiring trips to niche craft stores, finding excuses not to update our tiny, disorganized bedrooms is ridiculously easy. If we've got a bed and occasionally catch a glimpse of the floor beneath the clutter, isn't that enough? As it turns out, probably not. According to one study, 91% of Americans count cleanliness as an important part of creating a relaxing bedroom. It's not that we're intentionally neglecting the mess; it's just that we've always found it rather difficult to keep tidiness intact when our rooms feel so cramped. So, in the name of generating maximum tranquility with minimal effort, we've pinpointed the three switch-ups that'll instantly make your space feel more spacious, neat, and stylish. Try out Target’s Made for U College Styler to determine your ideal decor aesthetic, and embark on the easiest full-room redo you'll ever take on.
Achieve Bedside Nirvana
When your notepad, night cream, and novels are all battling it out for a seat on your nightstand, it can fast become a hot spot for obvious mess. Invest in a bedside table with multiple drawers to stash your pre-snooze must-haves and a catchall tray for jewelry. By adding vertical storage like this, you'll effectively defeat your previous pile-up without taking up any extra space. Make the top of the nightstand a no-clutter zone, and prop it sparingly with just a few of your favorite tchotchkes.
Hang Up A Headboard
Old-school decorators might shudder at the thought of a bed sans headboard, but most petite rooms just aren't equipped to accommodate the bulk. Plus, there's the issue of trying to maneuver the giant thing up your stairs to consider. Instead, fake the look of a headboard by hanging a pretty, patterned tapestry in its place — conveniently sized to line up precisely with the sides of your bed. Complement it with mix-and-match printed sheets, blankets, and pillows. A lot of visual flair can easily overwhelm a compact space, but bringing contained color and texture by way of the bed offers a smart solution — no painting necessary.
Get In The Zone
Even the smallest rooms tend to have one leftover corner that you can't quite figure out what to do with. Instead of leaving it unadorned, create an additional seating area, complete with a comfortable chair, cozy blanket, and decorative board for tacking up keepsakes. By curating a new zone in your room, you'll actually trick the eye into seeing the entire space as roomier than it is. Also, it's always a nice, rather adult touch to be able to offer your guests a place to sit that isn't the floor.

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