THIS Is The Easiest DIY In The World

In every friend group, there's always that one person who's naturally craftier than the rest. She's the one who gives beautiful handmade birthday cards, sews everyone's Halloween costumes, and regularly Instagrams her latest DIY endeavors. If you're not that friend (hint: if your last foray into the craft world involved making paper snowflakes in the third grade), this quirky, shiny, pineapple wall decal project was made expressly for you. Perfect for those of us who can't paint our walls (landlord's orders!) this major pop of color calls only for contact paper from your local craft store and a pair of scissors. Follow along with the fabulous craft goddess Jenni Radosevich of I Spy DIY in the tutorial above, mix up a batch of Chambord cocktails, and prepare to toast to your fab, paint-free wall art. Your first successful DIY (ever!) deserves to be celebrated, doesn't it?
P.S. Looking to cheers your new-and-improved space? The recipe for the cocktail shown at the end of this video is right here.

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