Your Quick Fix for Combatting Split Ends

EmbedPhotographed by Mike Garten.
If your hair is anything like ours, it's been straightened, curled, and color-treated to oblivion. Meaning that, like us, you've probably noticed an overwhelming number of split ends. No matter how much TLC you devote to your tresses, split ends are bound to arise, compromising the texture, shine, and health of your hair.
Combatting split ends without breaking the bank on expensive salon treatments can be a struggle. Some people throw in the towel and admit defeat, while others may be tempted to reach for a pair of scissors and snip away at damaged hair when boredom strikes (guilty as charged). But, there has to be a better way to revive your hair between cuts.

It turns out there is: The folks over at Byrdie met up with Beverly Hills stylists to get the dish on their favorite DIY, split-end remedies. The resulting fixes are super easy to whip up at home, and incorporate some crazy-good moisturizing ingredients, like lavender oil and fish oil. So, if your hair is beginning to look a little too much like a straw broom, put down the scissors, and head over to their site for the full scoop on how to save your wayward strands.

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