5 Things You Can Do To Mosquito-Proof Your Apartment

Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
Having to deal with the invasion of mosquitoes and flies is probably the biggest nuisance to have at home. Nothing sucks more than having a fly take first dibs of your food or seeing irritating bites appear out of nowhere on your skin.
With summer hitting its stride, these flying creatures aren't going away anytime soon — and you'll need a contingency plan to keep them at bay. We've asked the knowledgeable team at Houzz to share five actionable tips to exterminate these annoying bugs from your home — for good.
Turn On Your Ceiling Fans
"Flies and mosquitoes do not like moving air," says Laura Gaskill, a Houzz contributor. Get rid of these insects by installing ceiling fans, such as this three-blade one that can be switched on and off with a remote.
Cover Up With Screens
Putting up insect screens sounds like a no-brainer, but it's important to cover up corners that can easily get overlooked. "Don't forget to install screens underneath your porch, so these little buggers won't crawl up from underneath," says Becky Harris, Houzz contributor. "The best type of screens to get are are ones that can be stapled on, with the edges covered up with wood."
Use Mosquito Netting
It's wise to invest in mosquito netting, and they can be made from cotton, polyester or nylon. According to Houzz contributor Sara Rivka Dahan, a mesh size of 1.2 millimeters is more than enough to block mosquitos, but you'll need a smaller mesh of 0.6 millimeters to stop very small insects. Insect repelling abilities aside, the netting can also add a light and decorative touch to your home: "Consider dip-dying the ends for some added drama," she says.
Repel With Plants
Catnip isn't just for cats: It's a natural mosquito repellent that grows in most areas as an easy-growing perennial. Marigolds also have a distinctive smell that is unbearable to mosquitoes. "Try planting these in pots around your patio and next to windows, and the smell will prevent mosquitoes from hanging around," says Matt Kilburn, a Houzz contributor and landscape architect.
Cover Food And Compost Bins
The best way to keep vermin away is to not give them any reason to come back. "To control fruit flies in your house, it’s best to cover the odors of ripening fruit," says Mitchell Parker, Houzz editor and writer. "This means, among covering up any exposed food, keeping a lid on your compost bin."
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