This Weird Gadget Could Be The Secret To Fixing Your Bad Posture

Illustrated by Anna Sudit.
Back pain is unfortunately common (and may or may not have anything to do with having a chimp-like spine). But, if pain is a constant problem for you, this seatbelt-like device may be your key to relief through better posture, reports FastCompany. The product's creator, Katherine Krug, says she had the idea after dealing with excruciating sciatica pain beginning in 2012. She'd tried nearly every gadget and therapy on the market, but nothing was portable, painless, or easy enough to use for any real length of time. So, she got to work on BetterBack. Essentially, it straps you to your own knees, forcing your lower pelvis forward and your back into a better posture. Unlike devices like Lumo Lift, which alerts you when you're slouching, with BetterBack, you're stuck in one place. But, you can wear it for as little or as long as it takes to train to you into making good posture your default. On the Kickstarter page, Krug claims most people don't even realize she's wearing it. We find that a little hard to believe, but looking a little silly is a small price to pay for a better back. 

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