This Is Our Jam: How To Dress Well, "Ocean Floor For Everything"

Over the past few years, Tom Krell, under his How to Dress Well moniker, has taken an obsession with ‘90s R&B and morphed it into his own decayed pop universe. “Ocean Floor For Everything,” the first single from his upcoming new record, Total Loss, sees How to Dress Well streamlining his songwriting and taking a step closer to the music that inspired the project in the first place.
Using synths that sound uncannily similar to the MIDI tones of Mario 64’s water worlds, How to Dress Well creates his own spectral aquatic landscape where shadowy vocals get lost in the tides. It’s romantic in a removed, lovelorn sort of way, and makes us think of what a mer-couple might put on the radio in their most intimate of moments, or a Boys II Men slow jam beamed to the bottom of the sea.
How To Dress Well—Total Loss
"Ocean Floor For Everything"
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