4 Models Spill Their Secrets For Crazy-Pretty Hair

Many of modeling's most iconic moments have taken place during hair advertisements: Think the luscious locks of Breck girls, that classic "Does she...or doesn’t she?" Clairol campaign, and the (ahem) effusive reactions of the gals in Herbal Essences commercials. And, anyone who’s recently flipped through a fashion magazine has, no doubt, come face-to-face with a model whose locks seem so impossibly long, shiny, and voluminous that it’s clear she doesn’t even know the meaning of "bad hair day." Right?
Not quite. Hair models may be #blessed, but that doesn’t mean their strands sprouted glossy and mermaid-like from their scalps. Just like us normals spend (probably too much) time and energy getting our hair to look right, those gorgeous, photogenic women employ a host of methods, products, and experts to maintain their moneymakers.
Read on to find out how some of the industry’s top tress talent gets, and stays, camera ready.

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