Miami's Hottest Chef Announced — Yes, He's Smokin'!

Photo: Courtesy of Todd Erickson.
You know what they say — if you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen! In this case, the heat isn't just from the crab cake sliders on this chef's Haven Lounge menu, it's his sizzling good looks. Todd Erickson has just become the newest titleholder of Miami's "Hottest Chef," according to Eater Miami.
In the culinary world's version of Miss America, the prelims are complete and nationals are underway. Although he's conquered local hearts and tastebuds alike, Erickson must now go on to compete against the "Hottest Chefs" of other major US cities. Maybe we're a little locally biased, but we think ol' blue eyes has got a good shot with that sweet smile and perfectly slicked hair.
Question is, do we really want to share our trophy chef with the world, or (like those XL sliders) just keep him to ourselves? (Eater Miami)

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