Hot Mess Recipes, High Class Bump Its, And National Corn Dog Day Is Coming Up

So that's what a formal Snuggie looks like. Nicolas Andreas fall '10. (ASVOF)
Guess how much it costs to style one actress for the Oscars. No, really. Guess. YEAH, IT'S EVEN MORE THAN THAT. (Shine)
What does 1/2 cup of Rachel Zoe plus 3 tsp sequins plus a dash of essence of harem pant equal? LiLo, for one. (Go Fug Yourself)
Didn't think that the Bump It could get any classier? Readers, meet the Volume Boost Comb. (The Cut)
Check out this new dress code sign outside of New Orleans club, Republic. (Racked)
It's National Corn Dog day soon! Do you know what you're going to wear? (Daddy Likey)

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