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What’s Written In The Stars For Your 2023? Here’s The Guiding Plot, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Even for the cynics among us, the end of the year — and the start of a new one — tends to encourage a sense of optimism. Regardless of the cards you were dealt in 2022 (and, well, every year before that), there’s still hope. Maybe — just maybe — come January 1, you’ll win the lotto, fall in love, and wake up with a newfound passion for physical fitness.
Okay, even if our metaphorical slates aren’t wiped clean once the clock strikes midnight on New Year's Eve, we can still dream about finding ourselves *reborn* with the arrival of 2023. And if you need a little encouragement when it comes to embracing possibility, the cosmos contain plenty of thrilling info about your year ahead. Will your celestial forecast promise new love? Revenge? Redemption? Well, lucky for you, we’re already on the astrological case. Inspired by Paramount’s latest blockbuster, Babylon — which follows a group of hard-partying movie stars (played by Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie, and Diego Calva, to name a few) as they navigate the decadent highs and extreme lows of Hollywood — we tapped psychic medium and tarot reader Sarah Potter to predict your main character arc for 2023, based on your zodiac sign. And while we do hope there are many Babylon-esque parties in your future (complete with big brass bands, sparkly champagne towers, and a healthy dose of debauchery), it's highly possible that your2023 will skew more sci-fi odyssey or contemporary Greek tragedy, instead. 
Check out your horoscope below, and before the drama in your own life begins to unfold, catch Babylon in theaters on December 23. 
Illustrated by Amanda Arlotta


The forecast: A hometown hero embarks on a journey of self-discovery by...leaving home

You may be a ram, but you come across as a bull in a china shop when you don’t look before you leap. Although your battle-ready armor keeps you safe as the pieces around you fall, you tend to leave just a little bit of chaos in your wake wherever you go. “As the babies of the zodiac, Aries are curious and independent with an innate desire to explore,” explains Potter. 
Determined to forge a path all your own, you’re the fiery, perennial protagonist (supporting roles are never an option). This year, you’re offered the unique chance to reflect and try on a more thoughtful approach for size. 
“2023 presents an opportunity for Aries to embark on an impulsive ‘hero’s journey’ of discovery,” says Potter. “They’ll disrupt their status quo, learn impactful lessons, and transform completely through new experiences.” Put on your best superhero cape (and maybe some protective head gear); adventure awaits. 
Illustrated by Amanda Arlotta


The forecast: Full-on rom-com (with a classic BFFs-to-lovers narrative) 

You better get to swiping, because Cupid has officially been summoned for 2023. This year brings a hearty dose of love and lust for the zodiac’s most romantic sign, but we all know that finding “the one” takes time — and a whole lot of fortitude. 
“Tauruses like what they like as well as who they like,” says Potter. “Creatures of comfort and deeply devotional, they’re quite resistant to change, so a major dynamic shift isn’t easy for them.” 
In other words: Even though you’ve had a rough go of things in the dating world, this just might be the year you realize that true love has been right in front of you all along. It may not be all rainbows and sunshine, but if you’re willing to bend a bit to meet your partner halfway, Potter predicts long-term success. “A Taurus’ stubborn nature may test the patience of a once-platonic lover, but this year, it will all result in a happy ending,” she posits. 
Illustrated by Amanda Arlotta


The forecast: A choose-your-own-adventure saga, with pauses for a laugh track

While the other signs may have more clear-cut paths laid out ahead of them, the rest of your journey is still unwritten. Thanks to your playful nature, sharp wit, and adaptability, there’s never a dull moment when you’re around — and that leaves plenty of room for possibility. 
“Geminis can find the best in the twists and turns that make up a comedy of errors,” says Potter, who suggests “rolling with the punches” in 2023. “Even when it seems like everything has gone wrong, Geminis should maintain hope: Everything is just about to go completely right.”
Whether your story is one of redemption or self discovery, thanks to your, um, chatty nature (okay, it’s actually your love of gossip), expect a top-notch script and a whole lot of dialogue as you navigate this year’s highs and lows. No matter who or what you encounter, you’re guaranteed more than a few solid laughs.
Illustrated by Amanda Arlotta


The forecast: A contemporary Greek tragedy, where hearts are only kind of broken

Stock up on your self-care remedies, because this year will be an emotional rollercoaster, given your sensitive nature. “Cancers are most at home in their feelings; intense emotions are their forte,” says Potter, who predicts a “total tearjerker” of a year that’s both “sentimental and tugs on the heartstrings.” 
The good news: Even if 2023 cuts deep, it will also bring some much-needed clarity. And ultimately, you’ll be stronger for forging ahead as the puzzle pieces of your life fall into place. 
“This is the story of achieving something major only to lose it in the end,” says Potter. “But it’s better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all, right?”
Illustrated by Amanda Arlotta


The forecast: A fairytale meet-cute that actually…works out

You’re not a star. You’re the star. “Leos always want to be seen and adored,” says Potter. “It’s full-on main character energy in every situation.” 
Between your flair for the dramatics and your unmatched passion, it’s easy to understand why you command attention at every turn. You already live your life like it’s a movie, and 2023 is about to get theatrical in the best way.
“Leos will find themselves in a major love-at-first-sight romance,” says Potter. “They love to be loved — but when they fall, they fall hard due to their big hearts and undying loyalty to those they care about.” Try not to get too wrapped up in the fantasy of it all as you spam your friends’ feeds with PDA pics.
Illustrated by Amanda Arlotta


The forecast: A relatable underdog triumphs (against all odds)

“Hardworking, observant, and responsible, Virgos feel their best when tending to the needs of others,” says Potter. “But because they are so focused on helping everyone else achieve their goals, sometimes their own desires slip through the cracks.” 
2023 is the year to finally put yourself first. You are the priority here, after all. Cast your doubts aside, figure out what you really want in life, and go for it. “Expect to see Virgos make their own dreams a reality,” says Potter. “They’ll shine through as the underdogs who come out on top, despite the odds stacked against them.” 
Remember: If you bet on yourself, others will eventually follow suit. 
Illustrated by Amanda Arlotta


The forecast: A *classique* good vs. evil showdown

There’s a reason that the scales represent Libra-hood. Balance is of the utmost importance in your life, and your keen insight helps you weigh your options in tricky scenarios. “Libras can see both sides of a situation, exploring and accepting all perspectives,” says Potter.
Your unique diplomacy often leads to you being “in the thick of good vs. evil” — as much as you appreciate virtue in others, it also takes a lot for you to fully write someone off, even if they’ve crossed you. You’re all but guaranteed to experience a morality tug-of-war in 2023; luckily, the distinction between who’s ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ often lies in a gray area — and that’s exactly where you thrive. “Libras will shift back and forth throughout the upcoming year,” says Potter. “This will be the year they really need to figure out where their allegiance lie.”
Next time you find yourself in the middle of a fight, remember: Villains and heroes are two sides of the same coin. And in the movie of your life, you get to choose who’s victorious. 
Illustrated by Amanda Arlotta


The forecast: A sensitive soul gets up to some vigilante shit

“Do it for the plot” is basically your guiding philosophy in life — and in your very own drama, the plot is about to get good
“Scorpios make excellent villains,” says Potter. “Deeply mysterious, shrouded in darkness, and full of secrets, they’re the anti-heroes out for revenge in 2023.” 
Sure, the protective shell you’ve developed makes you seem tough, but as Potter explains, it’s actually a survival mechanism to hide your sensitive core. “When we dive further into Scorpios’ backstory, we realize they’re only seeking vindication because they had their feelings hurt by someone they once trusted.” You know the rules: Don’t get sad, get even.
Illustrated by Amanda Arlotta


The forecast: A coming-of-age story with a young, plucky heroine

When a friend is in the mood for adventure, you’re the one they call. “Sagittariuses are always up for a journey — whether to a new country or a new realm of introspective self-exploration,” says Potter. 
Your independent spirit lets you try new things without a nagging fear of failure; that level of confidence is something that many can only hope to achieve. This year, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to free your mind and test your limits (even more than usual). 
“By stretching beyond their comfort zones, Sagittariuses will embody a coming-of-age story of sorts this year,” says Potter. “Through a series of fish-out-of-water adventures, they’ll discover who they really are, on a philosophical level.” 
Illustrated by Amanda Arlotta


The forecast: A life makeover, courtesy of a wisened mentor

You’ve heard this one before: Your lack of work/life balance is affecting those around you. But no matter how many times you say you’re going to change your habits, you can’t help but want to do it all.
It’s not your fault — you were born with a work ethic that makes even your most ambitious friends look like slackers. A structured, scheduled environment is your bread and butter, and it’s hard for you to picture life outside of it. “Capricorns are ambitious, diligent, and pragmatic,” says Potter. “They’re easily consumed by their professional lives.” 
This year, the universe will prove that there really is more to life outside of the office, though. Potter predicts a major shift in your priorities that will lead you toward a surprising path forward: “It’s the classic tale of the workaholic who learns what’s truly important in life after a chance encounter with a free spirit.” You’ve worked hard this long; consider now the time to play.
Illustrated by Amanda Arlotta


The forecast: A nonconformist proves that “social norms” are obsolete

“Aquarians are unique and independent; they have no issue marching to the beat of their own drum,” says Potter. Standing out is something you’ve always viewed as a perk, a sign of the confidence that comes with your “eccentric and free-spirited nature.” 
While you may not seek validation from others — and rightly so — you aren’t a loner by any means. “Aquarians don’t need to be a part of a crew, but it’s always nice to expand your social circle,” says Potter.
That social circle will soon recognize and learn to value your differences. Think of your story for 2023 as “the misfit whose special qualities are finally celebrated as they’re welcomed into new scenarios for being unapologetically themselves.”
Illustrated by Amanda Arlotta


The forecast: A time-bending odyssey (that you’ll need to watch twice, then dive into Reddit theories to truly get)

Your focus tends to waver between the realms of fantasy and reality, a result of your “deeply sensitive and emotional” nature. “Sometimes the real world is a little bit too much for Pisces," says Potter. "They can live in the vastness of their dreams and boldest imaginations.”
Staying grounded can be hard even in the simplest of times, but it’s about to prove trickier than ever. “This year will play out almost like the psychedelic trip in a sci-fi film, complete with multiple dimensions and timeline jumping,” says Potter. “Based on one decision that Pisces makes, two co-existing timelines will diverge — yet, somehow, they’ll still arrive at their predetermined destiny in the end.” 
Complicated and packed with red herrings, this plot won’t be easy for all to follow. But who cares what your audience thinks? This story is yours and, as Potter points out, “a Pisces doesn’t need logic as they float along, enjoying the ride.” Now, go on and create some beautiful chaos to start 2023 off right. 

The Full Forecast

Ambition and hope are key plot themes for every zodiac sign in the year ahead — and no one exemplifies that energy quite like the cast of Babylon. Perhaps you’re determined to make your wildest dreams come true — like tour-de-force actress Nellie (Margot Robbie), who arrives in Los Angeles with stars in her eyes (a true Sagittarius, if we’ve ever seen one). Or like Manny (Diego Calva), a film assistant and total Libra, who maintains his cool in  even the most outrageous of circumstances. Or maybe, you’ll see yourself in Jack (Brad Pitt), a major movie star who — despite being played by Pitt — is grappling with his uncertain future in the spotlight (Leo vibes, anyone?).
As they all navigate the highs, the lows, and the utter chaos of a seemingly magical world with reckless abandon, every character in Babylon is determined to make a scene — and it’s your turn to do the same. Now go on and create your own beautiful chaos to start 2023 off right. 

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