An Easy Trick To Upgrade Your Digs

1Photo: Courtesy of Homepolish.
We've all sat around our digs at some point, staring at the walls and wishing we could magically afford an upgrade. But, sometimes you don’t have the budget for a bunch of new awesome furniture. Sometimes you don’t even have the wiggle room for one sort-of-awesome piece of furniture. But, almost all of the time, a fresh coat of paint can help. Sure, you're probably thinking, "Nope. Too much work, not enough time," but you’re mostly wrong. It’s true that good things come to those that wait (for the paint to dry properly), but it doesn’t have to be a huge hassle. You don’t even have to paint the whole wall! Ahead, we’ve compiled a slideshow of spaces that became awesome after a few coats of paint. You're probably going to want to corral some snacks and invite your friends over for a hand.
Paint It Pastel
Kelly Oxford’s office was pretty blah before our L.A. Creative Director Orlando Soria swooped in and splashed pastel aqua all over her walls. Now, it’s the picture of perfection, and, not to mention, way more inspiring. Pro tip: Make sure your pastel choice is on the pale side so it isn’t overbearing, especially when the light hits it.
2Photo: Courtesy of Homepolish.

Paint An Accent Piece

This one isn’t even a wall! Jazz up that horrible hand-me-down dresser you’ve had for years by painting it an accent color. Get a mouse sander (they’re usually priced around $30!), go over the piece of furniture you’re sprucing up, wipe down with a damp cloth, and then paint! Don't feel like you need to pick an expected color that matches with what you already own, but we do recommend going really bright — like tangerine or chartreuse — to jazz up an otherwise bland space.

HPPhoto: Courtesy of Homepolish.

Keep it Messy

This one doesn’t even require multiple coats! One of our designers, Casey DeBois, needed a quick way to make her foyer more interesting without too much effort. Thinking that an all-gold wall would be a bit much, she brushed some lines in vaguely geometric shapes, et voila — an amazing new space in no time at all. This looks best messy thanks to the luxe, metallic color. Casey knew gold would look great with her silver door and wasn’t too meticulous with the lines on purpose.

RNPhoto: Courtesy of Homepolish.

Subtle Shades

Rumi Neely’s bedroom was white and bland before we took over (Orlando designed this one too!). But, after painting the walls a soft gray color, the room seemed serene without making it dark or too feminine. And, the slightly cooler gray tone of the drapes work without being too matchy-matchy. Pro tip: Work with what you have. Grab a bunch of different paint swatches and see how they hold up to your existing furniture to make sure you’re getting the right shade. While neutrals tend to work best if you plan to stick to one color family, don't be afraid to experiment with cool hues to start.

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