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The Mexican Holiday Tradition That Brings My Friends & Family Together

“Good things come to those who are patient,” says Yasmin Maya — content creator, eyelash entrepreneur, and mom of two. Having spent the past decade blogging about everything from beauty and fashion to motherhood, she says that 2023 was the “biggest year” of her career to date — and it was certainly worth the wait.  
“Business-wise, I’ve been able to expand and grow so much,” she says. “I was very patient as I looked for more opportunities, and slowly but surely, it’s been paying off. I’ve been able to give back to my family because of that.” 
For Maya, family has always been a top priority — but around the holidays, that sentiment carries extra meaning. “My family is my everything,” she says. “I feel like I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for them.”
She’s also grateful for friends who have become family, like her BFF of 10 years, Alejandra Ayala. Each holiday season, the pair leans into one of their all-time favorite rituals: grabbing their go-to Starbucks coffee together. It's a tradition that remains constant, no matter how much their lives have changed. “We’re always going to Starbucks to have our cafecito,” Maya says. “It’s the time where we get to sit down, drink, and just chat about anything happening in our lives.” 
Such traditions only continue to bring the friends closer than ever. “Ale is family to me now because she’s the godmother of my daughters,” says Maya. “She’s always there for me with open arms, and we inspire and mentor each other. I see her as a big sister, and it’s so special to create new holiday memories with her.”

Cooking is such a big part of our holiday traditions, and I'm teaching Ale my mom's secret tamale recipe. I'm so excited to share this tradition with her.

yasmin maya
That's why, this season, Maya is sharing one of her most beloved traditions with Ayala — and this one takes place in the kitchen, ahead of the Mexican pre-holiday celebration of Las Posadas. “We gather up friends and family, or even just the neighborhood,” says Maya. “We do piñatas, and there’s candy for the kids. Everyone gets involved.” 
In the video above, Maya and Ayala get together to prepare tamales for the festivities — an activity that’s momentous in its own right. “Cooking is such a big part of our holiday traditions, and I’m teaching Ale my mom’s secret tamale recipe,” she says. “I’m so excited to share this tradition with her.” Watch as the duo puts their culinary skills to the test — all while sipping Starbucks coffee and reminiscing about the past year.

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