A Complete Tipping Primer — From Your Hairdresser To Doorman

Gratuities comprise a significant part of the U.S. economy, but it’s easy to forget during holiday craziness how central they are to service workers' livelihood. But, the holidays are actually the ideal time to take stock of the people who've helped you out this year — and show appreciation with a little extra cash. (Not to mention, it's the time that many workers expect and rely on that boon.)
Lizzie Post, the great-granddaughter of Emily Post and heir apparent to the etiquette field, urges folks to think big and tip generously this time of year. “Make a list of the [service] people you turn to daily, weekly, monthly,” she advises. “Start by thinking about those who are most important to you" — doormen, dog walkers, your trusted hair stylist — and plan to slip them a bonus this month. Don't forget to "include a card and express your thanks with words," Post says. But, how much? And to whom, exactly? Click through for our tidy list.

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