This Buy Is About To Solve All Your Apartment Woes

Getting our apartment "visitor ready" typically means shoving dirty laundry under the bed, giving the counters a five-second wipe down, and dimming the lights just enough to conceal our less-than-spotless floors. But during the holiday season? Well, that's just not going to cut it. There are seasonal gatherings to host, cozy baking sessions on the agenda, and — most intimidating of all — family in town. Like it or not, most of us are forced into full-on B&B mode at one point or another. One bright side to playing host? It forces us to re-evaluate our space with a pair of fresh eyes. And with our vision clear, we whipped up three apartment upgrades using IKEA's super-versatile LIATORP table. From non-cheesy ways to deck the halls to a faux foyer for an apartment that surely doesn't have one, we're serving up holiday miracles, one decor tip at a time.
Photographed by Molly Cranna.
Create A Command Center
Since most of us don't have a grand entryway or mud room (we barely have a living room), stashing snowy coats, party shoes, purses, and keys usually means kicking it all into a soggy pile by the door. Avoid the clutter snowbank and fake the effect of a foyer by propping a slim side table by your front door. Not only will it help on the organization front, but having a stylish space for out-the-door must-haves and pretty trinkets is an easy way to bring some cheer into your pad. Complete the scene by adding a coat rack to house your cold-weather gear, as well as any festive accessories (a weather-inappropriate hat, a showstopper purse) you feel like showing off. Bonus points if you go for a dramatic hue, like this teal number.
Photographed by Molly Cranna.
Reinvent The Wrapping Station
Instead of banishing your wrapping paper and ribbon to a deep corner of your closet after each use — we all know the ripped and shredded mess that results — create a fully stocked wrapping station that's one part utility, one part festive tableau of cool, holiday-neutral hues. We personally love the fact that it doesn't involve lugging a fir tree to a fourth-floor walk-up. Stash tinsel, baubles, and ornaments in large glass bowls atop your wrapping station. Then, store wrapped gifts on the lowest shelf, where they'll look cute but won't get jostled, and you've got a little North Pole-esque workshop.
Photographed by Molly Cranna.
Raise The Bar
'Tis the season to stop using your kitchen counter as a makeshift bar every time you host a happy hour or pre-game. Before your guests arrive, position your table in an out-of-the-way corner of your living area, and line up your prettiest liquors beside a tray of cocktail napkins and extra glasses. It's not the fanciness of the wares that make the host (note the plastic flutes and simple paper napkins here) but the flair with which you put it all together. Case in point: We went full Marie Antoinette and built a Champagne tower. Speaking of Champagne, try giving the 'ol milk-and-cookies fare a boozy upgrade by leaving a bottle of bubbly on ice and a stack of sweets for guests to help themselves to. Just don't be surprised if your partygoers are so impressed they beg you to throw a New Year's bash next.