Forget Champers, THIS Is What You Should Be Drinking Over The Holiday

embedPhoto: Courtesy of Doc B's Fresh Kitchen.
In our opinion, the holidays are the best time to experiment with mixology. It’s not that we don’t love champers (trust, we do), but considering everything else is over-the-top this time of year, why not make your libations that way, too? But, forget about peppermint martinis and spiked nog for a sec. We’ve got a recipe that is the equivalent to a boozy Christmas cookie in a glass.
The team at Doc B’s Fresh Kitchen in the Gold Coast whipped together a concoction it calls the “Kris Kringle.” But, don’t let the playful name fool you. This potent sipper has both vodka, Kahluah, and rum in it, so lightweights beware. As for the “Kringle” part, there’s actually an ingredient called Kringle Cream in it – a Wisconsin cream liqueur of rum and a natural butterscotch flavor.
So, if you’re looking for a serious way to warm up sans roaring fireplace, this is it. Just be warned: You may not want to partake of one of these babies before finishing up with any last-minute Christmas shopping, as it may seriously impair your spending judgment.


1/2 oz Grey Goose Cherry Noir

1/2 oz Kahlua

1 oz Creme De Banane

1 oz Kringle Kreme

2 bar spoons (or .25 oz) of Forres Park 150 proof rum (option to infuse with cinnamon chips)

1/2 oz lime juice

3 dashes Aztec chocolate bitters


1. Add all contents into a shaker.

2. Fill shaker with ice and shake until outside of the shaker is frozen to the touch.

3. Strain into a frozen martini glass and serve up.

4. Drizzle Luxardo maraschino cherry juice into glass by making a thin "K."

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