Street Style: Hipsters, Please Adopt This As Your New Uniform

At this point, the standard lady-hipster uniform (you know, the knee-length cut-offs, American Apparel mélange tank, beat-up huaraches, fedora, and neon bandeau) has become so widespread that we saw Halloween costumes mocking it last October.
And you know what that means: It's time to move on. And we can help. We spotted Amil Niazi, social media producer for CBC in Toronto whose outfit looked so adorable and easy, we couldn't help but stop her on the street. The uniform's not a huge leap from the standard, but with a few smart updates, Amil managed to look polished, while still maintaining her Bedford cred (or the equivalent of that up in Toronto. Fellow Canucks, care to help?).
Amil is wearing a Dooney & Burke bag, Levi's shorts, classic Keds, a J.Crew tank, and a hat she picked up in Big Sur.

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