Hindus Recreate The Ganges In Queens, But Are Their Blessings Clogging Up The Water?

In a departure from our normal reporting, The New York Times ran a story that was too interesting to not share with you guys. In case you missed it, in a nutshell: Queens' Hindu population has grown in the past decade, and they are finding a substitute for the Ganges, India's sacred river, in Jamaica Bay. Like its foreign counterpart, the banks of the bay in the Gateway National Recreation Area have become strewn with ritual debris like cremation ashes, statues, and clothing—offshoots of ritual offerings Hindus place into the "holy water." For Park Rangers, the so-called litter has become more than vexatious, as the federal preserve is a "fragile habitat," and a local tourist attraction. It's a difficult balancing act, respecting religious practices while trying to maintain the law. Give it a read, and let us know your thoughts—it makes for interesting subject matter on Earth Day.

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