Voyeuristic? Here’s The Dirty Stuff People Do On The High Line

NYC is all about exhibition— go to Times Square and see those bragging lights, check out how luxe that girl's bag is as she walks it down the street, look at that street performer conceptual artist doing what appears to be a circus act— whatever the sight may be, in New York, everyone's always watching or wanting to be watched. And, no surprise, the same goes on the High Line, where people are up to really, really dirty things—watching "live sex shows" in the windows of The Standard hotel, smoking the green, wearing ass-less chaps, and (the horror!) eating an entire cupcake. Click through for Gawker's full list of all the bad behavior we New Yorkers (well, not us) get up to when we're...high. (Gawker)

Photo: Via Gawker


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