Hermione for Burberry, Satine's New Front, and Kelly TV is a Go!

emma-watson-italian-vogue-1Emma Watson continues to grow into her role as a fashion darling, this time possibly landing a Burberry ad campaign. (The Cut, photo via Vogue Italia)
Kelly Cutrone, one of the "coolest, scariest and New York-iest people ever," has had her show, Kell on Earth, greenlit by Bravo. Watch as it gets into a catfight with The City. (Fashionista)
Zooey Deschanel offers a twee rewrite of the old cotton "Fabric of Our Lives" jingle, complete with adorable, sun-lit commercial. (Stereogum)
"'I was dismayed to discover I had nothing to wear. Or rather, none of my clothes matched my head."—AlexaChung on her new bob hairdo. (Grazia)
Rocker Eddie Van Halen is launching a line of sneakers. We sit and cast our memories back to a time when we would have cared. (Men.Style)
For all your aspiring designers and active crafties out there, here's a handy guide to creating your own body model. (Craftzine)
If you're looking for Satine in L.A., here's it's new storefront. (Blackburn + Sweetzer)
The defense in the case of Woody Allen vs. American Apparel is attempting to prove that the company did not defame the director's reputation by the rather spurious method of requesting nude photos of his significantly younger wife, oh, and they need more material for their porntastic ads. (Animal)

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