Girl Power: Hello Giggles Launches With Lady-Friendly Comedy

What do you get when three super-talented L.A. ladies get together to create an online hub of hilarious and smart content for women? Hello Giggles, that’s what! Actress/singer Zooey Deschanel, former Hills producer Sophia Rossi, and writer/Internet It Girl Molly McAleer joined forces earlier this month to launch Hello Giggles, the newest and most buzzed-about online destination for smart, savvy, creative, and clever content just for women. A quick glance at their homepage gives you an idea of what you’ll find at this dynamic new site—10 old-school Nickelodeon hotties, a "crafternoon" session with Zooey on how to make a simple drawstring bag, love lessons gleaned from Khloe and Lamar, how-to’s for the best at-home leopard nail art, a chubby puppy on a slippery floor, and boyfriend-ready recipes. The brainchild of three friends who saw a hole in the market for funny, “lady-friendly” content without that gross-out, frat-boy humor dominating so many entertainment sites like Funny or Die, Hello Giggles is poised to set the web on fire with intelligent content that is sure to keep you procrastinating—and giggling—all day long. We asked the three visionaries behind this brilliant and adorable online outpost to tell us a little bit about the genesis of the company and what we can expect to read on their new must-bookmark site. Says co-founder Sophia, “We’re hoping to create a platform for all the talented girls out there to get their voices heard.” We highly recommend you link up with these three trailblazing Hello Giggles gals.

Refinery29: Why did you decide to found this site?
Hello Giggles: “We’re all avid Internet users, and we knew that there wasn’t a site that was exactly what we wanted to visit: A mix of sketch comedy and intelligent, interesting writing, and 100% security that we weren’t going to be assaulted by unpleasant imagery or attitudes.”

R29: What inspired you?
HG: “All the funny girls we know that have a tough break getting taken seriously on mainstream comedy sites, or always have to play 'Hot Chick #3' in videos, or write about something that doesn’t necessarily appeal to them in order for it to be successful on someone else’s platform. There are plenty of women and girls that feel that way, so why not give them a space to hang out and create and share? We really wanted to create the kind of site that we’d want to visit. We wanted to create something that had legitimately funny videos and great writing and tips and tricks on how to make life lovelier.”

R29: How did you meet and decide to work together?
“We all met through mutual friends and just like to make each other laugh. We know there are tons of ladies who are just like us, so it just made sense to create a site where we can all meet up and know we’re going to find content that appeals to us.”

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