Helena Bonham Carter: “F**k It Is My Guiding Philosophy”


This would never happen in the Wizarding World: Harry Potter sat down to interview Bellatrix Lestrange. Of course, it wasn't Harry Potter at all, just Daniel Radcliff alongside Helena Bonham Carter, but with a half-decade of them antagonizing each other on screen, it's hard not to get a quick Harry-related jolt. Indeed, it's exactly this type of familiarity that
Interview Magazine
capitalized on in their May issue, when they had Radcliffe chat up Bonham Carter, and perhaps because she was close to her interviewer, the usually tight-lipped actress got refreshingly honest.

In fact, for readers who've always thought Helena Bonham Carter was an eccentric — the wild eyes, the Juergen Teller shoot, wearing two different shoes on the red carpet — there is little she says in this convo to convince anyone otherwise. From proclaiming how she had an inferiority complex that ended yesterday (yep) to her reading material on 18th century prostitutes, Helena Bonham Carter is definitely quirky.
But she is also inspired, creative, and energetic, and completely unburdened. In fact, she exclaims, "F**k it!" three times in the interview, using it to explain why she takes parts or wears mismatched shoes with Marc Jacobs dresses. The "Eff It" principle, it appears, is a guiding force in her life. So much so that she took her next few roles with the kind of carefree attitude we wish all Oscar-nominated actresses have: She did Dark Shadows because playing an alcoholic psychiatrist was just the role for her, she's doing Great Expectations because she loves to wear the dress, and she got involved with The King's Speech during Potter so her son could ask, "Do you have to be the witch or the queen tomorrow?" Keep wearing your crazy shoes, Helena. Someone has to. (Interview)

Photo: Courtesy of Interview Magazine

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