8 Killer Travel Tips From Super-Stylist Heidi Bivens

When it comes to world-traveling, luxury-client-grabbing costume designers of note, Heidi Bivens is way, way up there. If you didn't know by now — and Lord knows, you probably should — Bivens is the eye (and steady, stylish hand) behind campaigns for Fendi, Salvatore Ferragamo, GAP, Capitol Records, Levi’s, L’Oreal, Warby Parker, and Target. She's also dressed up stars like Beck, The White Stripes, and Kanye West and styled for i-D, Vogue, GQ, and Purple. She's even the one who supplied Selena Gomez, James Franco, and crew with their day-glo, trashy finery for Spring Breakers. Yeah, she's kind of what you'd call a Big Deal.
Of course, being a Big Deal means people from all over this planet want your services. That adds up to a lot of frequent-flier miles and packed bags for the beautiful (and now blonde!) New Yorker. So, this international styling star has created a few rules and a solid routine to deal with her constant jet-setting, the best bits of which she's about to share with you. So, click on for Biven's tips along with a few extra-credit travel ideas from our friends at Hyatt. You won't want to leave home without these.
Photographed by Atisha Paulson; Hair and Makeup by Andrew Colvin.

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