The Best Hot Tools For Your Hair Type

Working as a hairstylist in New York City, I've learned one thing about hair: No two heads are created equal. And, while I often have to use the same blowdryer, curling iron, and flat iron on my clients, it's quickly become apparent to me what works best on whom. I find myself making house calls or doing photo shoots with vastly different textures, which means I have to adapt my kit accordingly.
In order to safely and effectively style your hair, you need to assess the heat settings, materials, and wind settings of your tools. You also need to be realistic about your styling process — a girl with thick, long hair probably won't be as diligent about her sections as someone with finer hair, right?
Here, I've outlined different hair types and the tools I've found suit them best. Hopefully, you'll find something you're going to fall in love with. Please feel free to leave comments about what you're using below!

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