Tame Your Mane With These Easy Tips (Plus, A DIY Dry Shampoo!)

By this point in the season, your locks have been through a lot — dozens of updos and blowouts for holiday parties, painfully drying heat styling, and luster-zapping winter temps. But all is not lost! We've got some expert tips for maintaining the prettiest hair possible, thanks to Jeremy Buchanan, co-owner of one80 salon. Here's what you need to do to redeem your healthy tresses:
1) Get Your Locks Out of the Winter Doldrums
"Warm up your color. For example, go with an amber brown or butterscotch blonde instead of golden highlights. With cool hues, slightly darken the roots and middle, then lighten the ends so the color goes from dark to light but still keeps the same cool tones."
2) BFF: Banish Flakes Forever
"The key here is getting your scalp really clean. My tip for salon-like results at home is to apply conditioner to ends first and then apply shampoo to roots with the conditioner still in the hair. Make sure to use enough shampoo to thoroughly coat your scalp. Massage and let sit for 3-5 min. Then rinse both shampoo and conditioner thoroughly. Shampoo formulations these days are typically very gentle and take time to work."
3) Fight the Frizz
"Moisturizing is critical to getting you through the winter. Use a daily leave-in conditioner (or if you already do, upgrade to a cream leave-in for extra moisture in the winter). If you are already using a cream leave-in and you still feel like your hair is too dry, increase it a quarter-sized amount at a time. Also, don't towel-dry your hair — squeeze and pat with a towel instead, and use an ionic dryer."
4) Delay a Day With a DIY Trick
"If your scalp is really clean, you can go an extra day without shampooing — this is also a good trick to keeping dryness in check. Make your own dry shampoo with equal parts baking soda and baby powder. Take a container of baby powder, pour half into another container to save for later, then fill the baby powder container to the top with baking powder. Add a few drops each of yellow, red, and blue food coloring. Shake well and remove top to dry. Wait 24 hours and it will be ready to use."

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