Could These Cookbooks Make You Look (And Feel) Amazing?

Healthy eating: you know that you should eat a balanced, varied diet, but you probably think of "dieting" more as a punishment than a reward. Here to argue otherwise? The latest batch of good-for-you cookbooks, which are focused on more than simply inches lost and carbs versus protein. These new foodie guides aim to make you genuinely feel and look better using the power of nutrient-rich superfoods.
From a cookbook penned by one of our favorite skin care lines to GP's latest get-healthy tome, these collections aim to pack your diet full of ingredients that will feed your body, skin, hair and nails, leaving you glowing and full of energy. No judgmental skinny-bitch tips here (no, not even from Gwyn, we promise) — just sound food advice and recipes for a healthier, more beautiful life. Check out our favorite new excuses to chow down — beauty-centric food is definitely having a moment.

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