HBO To Create “Sex and The City” For Men?

Yes, that's the spin on HuffPo. Seems "Entourage" producer Doug Ellin, has announced his intentions to launch "40", a half-hour show featuring four good-looking fellas (Ed Burns, for one), gabbing about their lives, loves, and Louboutins over Champagne brunches in Chelsea. No, wait. That can't be right. On closer inspection,
says the series will be in "The City" and will feature "Sex", but will focus more on professional issues (including the fallout from 2008's financial meltdown) and the ups and downs of marriage. That is to say, shoes will play a secondary role here. Nonetheless, we assume the show's versions of Miranda, Carrie, Samantha, and Charlotte (Jeff, Lucian, Tom, and Alonzo?) will have their own signature drinks (Greyhounds?), their own code names for possible paramours (Ms. Tiny?), and Sunday traditions (well... football... yeah). [Huffington Post]

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