Arm Yourself With This Holy Hangover Prevention On New Year’s Eve

Mercy- Hangover Prevention-post
Picture this: It’s January 1. You wake up in your bestie’s bed, your fabulous party dress is laying in a pile of sequins on the floor, and your PJs are haphazardly buttoned. Oh, and then there’s that throbbing headache. Yep, it’s the New Year’s Day hangover.
Before you try any off-the-wall cures (beer with your cereal, seriously?), let us introduce you to Mercy, the beverage industry’s latest hot new thing. But instead of promising you a buzz or manic levels of energy, this remedy-in-a-bottle promises to prevent a head-pounding morning. Crazy, we know.
How does it work? You’re supposed to down one of these cans during or immediately after consuming excess amounts of alcohol. Apparently, the morning after is too late to fix the gnarly effects of a crazy night (no wonder your weird remedies never worked!).
But does it really work? The good people at Esquire and the Today Show, who have been singing the white can’s praises, seem to think so. And now that this holy drink is available in Miami (try I Love Liquor or Wall lounge), you can check it out for yourself. Packed with loads of vitamins — including B1, which is said to fight the effects of alcohol — and priced at $11.50 for a four-pack, this may even be more cost effective than the tried-and-true oversized sunglasses trick.

Photo: Courtesy of Mercy.

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