This Braided Half-Updo Is Gorgeous — & So Easy To Create

modeled by Christelle Jasmin.
Why bother with an accessory when you can use your own hair instead? This half-up crown braid is a low-effort, high-reward way to make your hair look twice as thick, while still leaving it down but out of your face. Watch the above video or follow the simple steps below to try this look on yourself.
Step 1. Part your hair on one side of your head, pushing it all onto your shoulder. Step 2. Gather the hair underneath your part — this model is wearing braids but the look works on any texture — and weave into one large braid. You can control the thickness of your braid by playing with how tight you plait. Step 3. Lift the braid up and pull it around the back of your neck, allowing it to rest on your nape. Then pull it upwards again, this time setting it just behind your hairline. You know, in the spot you'd usually place a headband.
Step 4. Pin the end of the braid behind your opposite ear.

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