The Shortcut To Keeping Your Hair Glossy & Shiny This Winter

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The exact same invisible demon that's totally wreaking havoc on your skin this winter — the stuffy, sandpaper air circulating your apartment and office building, chapping your lips and drying out your eyes — is also doing a number on your hair.
Maybe you're already feeling it — yanking your fingers through sticky split ends or hand-plucking static-y strands off the arm of your wool blend sweater — and we've only just hit the start of winter. Luckily, we've got your quick and simple fix for smooth, super shiny hair. It's a moisturizing hair oil.
If you haven't found a favorite, the hair pros are breaking down their holy-grail picks to get you through the duration of the dry and chilly season, ahead. Read their testimonials, shop the one that speaks to your hair texture, and you'll have soft ends and polished curls until the April showers strike.
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Celebrity hairstylist Andrew Fitzsimons swears by Alterna's anti-frizz oil from the Caviar line to add shine to dull hair. "This stuff has been my go-to for years," he tells us. "For a hair oil, it has a pretty thick texture, so it layers well, without getting wet or sticky. I use it primarily for an instant shine boost, but as you work in more, it can act like a deep conditioning treatment."
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"This oil is magical," Fitzsimons raves. "Not only does it smell incredible, but just one drop makes overgrown hair look ten times healthier, sealing off any weird split ends that stick out."
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Trust us: If we could condemn dry, cold weather for the havoc it wreaks on our skin and hair — we would. As an alternative, try this coconut- and hibiscus-infused formula that hydrates, defines, and gives your curls some much-needed attention when winter isn't just coming — it's here.
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Celebrity stylist for Seven hair care Cash Lawless tells us he's a huge fan of Jen Atkin's Ouai oil formula. "This is versatile enough to be used on all hair textures," he explains. "It seals split ends, plus acts as a heat protectant. I find it's amazing in the winter months, especially because a few drops into damp or dry hair will actually repel any annoying sweater static."
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"This hair oil is actually hard to overuse," Lawless tells us. "It has a little weight to it, so you can layer it on for a top layer of shine, or build it up to get that silky glass hair feel. I find it works best on medium heavy to very thick hair textures, because it really cuts through static and frizz."
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"This is more of a polish than an oil," Lawless explains. "But I love that it delivers the shine of an oil, with a little bit of hold. I find that when I rake the balm from midsection through the ends, it kills frizz and static, and defines curls, coils, and ringlets like a dream."
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Deanna Brown, stylist at NYC's Devachan Salon, tells us about another incredible oil in disguise. "The DevaCurl B’Leave In is first and foremost an incredible curl plumper, but also acts as a humectant, which means that it locks in hair's moisture and shine."
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Laura Polko, celebrity stylist and brand ambassador for Scünci, says that she loves the Moroccanoil treatment. "There are different levels to this formula, which is great because you can pick the level that best corresponds to your texture," she explains. "For an extra shine boost to restore brittle ends, mix a little oil with a conditioning mask, wrap your hair up in a headwrap or a scrunchie, leave it to sink in overnight, and rinse out in the morning. Your hair will be much glossier afterwards."
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"The Unite oil is great for thick (maybe slightly overprocessed) hair," Polko says. "A little goes a long way, so just add a few drops onto your hands and carefully distribute it through your ends, avoiding the roots."
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For fine and thin hair textures, Polko recommends the Ouai Rose Oil (which is formulated for hair and body). She says, "Rake it onto towel-dried hair, and you'll get this great shine after a blowdry or even a simple air-dry."

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