Quantum Leap: Hair Care Goes High Tech

Maybe we’re still years away from flying in cars à la Back to the Future II, cooking in self-operating kitchens the likes of Pee Wee Herman, and more seriously, finding medical advances that will hopefully eliminate diseases like cancer. But, while we’re still waiting for some of the breakthroughs we’ve seen in various sci-fi flicks to become reality, let’s pause and appreciate the high-tech advances that have been made, particularly in the beauty industry, this past year. From heat tools to miracle molecules, here’s a round-up of some of the latest scientific leaps that left us impressed and inspired.

Totally Tourmaline

Kent Yu, founder of T3, taped two of the brand’s original Featherweight blow dryers together and had his wife use the double-dryer. She was subsequently blown away (not literally, just in case you were wondering) by how fast her blow out progressed. The brand then transformed this prototype into a reality, and the result is the T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i. Yu discovered that his wife’s hair dried so quickly because of an increased volume of air that still maintained the tourmaline-infused optimized temperature and air velocity characteristic of the original Featherweight blow dryer. Yu also found that when hair is dried quickly enough, moisture is locked into the cuticle without scorching the hair shaft, leaving strands softer and healthier — even more so than air-drying. In fact, a clinical study found that the T3 Luxe 2i yields 93% more body than air-drying and 79% less frizz. Some other fabulous features include the tech block at the back of the dryer, which optimizes the speed of the air and comes with a filter you never have to change. Comfort was also paramount: the dryer’s ergonomic handle boasts a forward incline to prevent wrist strain, while the heat and speed switches have been set back, out of the way of your fingers.

Hair And The Human Genome Project

For their new styling-product line launching in January, Joico scientists worked with the Human Genome Project to develop their new Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex, which makes a cameo in each of the new stylers. The complex is made with bio-perfected peptides that mimic the natural hair chains. The match is so close that the complex stays in the hair for more than 20 shampoos. The Human Genome project made it possible to understand the DNA structure of every part of the human body, including hair. Understanding the follicles’ DNA structure evolved the way Joico's scientists approached the reconstruction. Now, for the first time, scientists were able to identify which peptides get weakened and damaged and replicate these peptides using solid-phase peptide synthesis (SPPS). The SPPS allowed Joico R&D to engineer an advanced peptide (amino acid chain) that replicates any portion of the hair keratin and include the peptide in its latest product suite.


A Curling Iron For Those Who Are All Thumbs

The new Runway Tools EasyCurl Curling Iron’s white packaging and LCD screen may lead you to believe that Apple’s expanded into the world of hair. But Runway Tools is its own entity. Brand creator Avi Elkayam designed the wand to focus the heat on the strongest part of the hair by clamping and winding from the root, minimizing styling stress on damaged or delicate ends. Traditional curling irons start at the tips, damaging hair and creating split ends. To turn the iron, you twist using your thumb, which spins the barrel easily for effortless waves. The LCD digital display shows temperature in either Celsius or Farenheit and automatically shuts off after an hour.

Radialux Repairs Ravaged Manes

The Clairol Professional story started in 1931, but the color colossus introduced its first styling line this year, in addition to a new hair-care line, which contains customized Radialux technology. Radialux targets areas of the hair where extra attention is necessary (the damaged portions) and adapts to the structure of the hair as it changes over time. The new collection of Clairol Professionals Color Safe products includes three shampoos for dry, frizzy, or curly (both permed or naturally) hair, in addition to a volumizing mousse and shaping gel.

More Miracle Molecules

Living Proof fans are likely already familiar with the brand’s proprietary molecule, PolyfluoroEster, found in the brand’s No Frizz and Full lines. Now, the line boasts a partnership with the well-tressed Jennifer Aniston (as spokesperson) and is boasting another molecule called PBAE, which can be found in its latest instant texturizer, Amp2. The volumizer is a cream styler that works on both wet and dry hair. You don’t need to add heat to style your mane, ultimately protecting it from breakage and damage caused from heat and styling. The new styling product also imparts touchable texture and flexible hold immediately, but the effect is also revivable for up to 48 hours.

Pretty impressive, right? Permanent blow-outs with the touch of a button have yet to come to fruition in 2012, unfortunately. But there’s always 2013.

Photo: Via The Beauty Stop

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