This Could Be The Most No-Duh Way To Switch Up Your Hair, Ever

Chances are that if you're a female with hair longer than a pixie cut, you have one go-to part that you favor pretty much on a daily basis. While we're all for finding the hairstyle that works for your face shape, keeping your part the same way can get a little monotonous.
When we went to one of our favorite makeup and hair stylists, Sera Sloane, with our mane malaise, she assured us that we didn't need a new cut or color — we simply needed to mix up our ho-hum middle part for a more glamorous side 'do. Voilà: an entirely new look (and tons of volume!) with less effort than we could ever have dreamed of.
Now, we know changing up your part is not exactly a groundbreaking beauty tip. However, Sera has some genius tricks for making sure that when you do decide to partake in a part switch-up, your hair looks normal and not like a pouffy '80s hair flip. Been there, no desire to do it again.
Watch how Sera mixes up her part for a new look in seconds.
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