The Do-Everything Hair Product You Need In Your Rotation

Hair milks aren't a new phenomenon — women with curly and kinky textures have loved them for years, thanks to their moisturizing qualities. But with more and more brands releasing new versions — including lighter ones, which cater to a wider variety of hair types — they're definitely having a moment. But wait: What is hair milk?

“A hair milk is essentially a lightweight leave-in treatment," explains Kate Oechsle-Truesdale, director of education for Mizani. "It’s called a milk because the color is usually milky-white and the consistency is thin." Milk is rarely listed as an ingredient, though — unless it's the bamboo or coconut kinds, which are typically added for moisture.

“The reason hair milks got so big is because you can use them for a lot of different reasons," says Oechsle-Truesdale. "You’re using one product and getting multiple benefits from it, rather than using a separate product for strengthening, detangling, or protecting."

And, while those with natural and curly hair are historically fans, hair milk is actually really great for fine hair, too. "Because hair milks are lighter, they cause less buildup, which is great for finer or damaged hair that needs the extra hydration," says Joseph DiMaggio, master-session ambassador for Davines.

If you're looking to add this virtuoso to your routine, we've rounded up the best on the market for every type and texture. Because, it turns out milk does the body and hair good.

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