Watch One Woman Transform Her Bleach-Damaged Curls To Vivacious Red

We're all aware of the damage bleach can wreck on our hair — but how do we reconcile that with our desire to constantly be switching up our look?
That's exactly the position Cherry Pose, founder of streetwear brand Pose In Clothes, found herself in. After dyeing her hair everything from blonde to orange to blue to purple over the course of one year, her big, bouncy, flowy curls (which she describes as "her crown" and her defining feature) had taken a hit. But still, she wanted to make a change — this time to bold, vivacious red.
So, she took a trip to Nexxus New York Salon to get some professional help in making the transition from bleach-damaged blonde to healthy, siren red. Because of her regrowth and lighter ends, the team at Nexxus started with a single process — avoiding adding any more bleach in her hair — followed by a gloss to seal in the color. After that, it’s foil-age (think balayage but in foils) followed by another gloss to give more pop to the color, plus a deep-conditioning mask to make Cherry's hair stronger.
Check out the video above to see the stunning transformation for yourself.

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