10 Signs Your Mane Needs An Intervention

We’ve all had hair moments for the history books. You know, times when you look in the mirror and you're greeted by a round of applause, whistling, and air snaps in a three-point formation followed by, “Hey there, heeeeey!” Those are the moments we live for, as we flip our coif and head out into the day, confident that yeah, we’ve got this.
However, there are other times when our hair isn’t worthy of any kind of ovation. We can almost hear the womp-womp as the reflection in the mirror backs away with a touch of, “Oooh, you might want to rethink that style.” Whether its bird’s-nest texture, lackluster color, or unruliness forces you to pull it back from your face and hope for the best, one thing’s for certain: You need a hair overhaul.
But, exactly what are the signs that you need to rethink your look — and, more importantly, what do you do about the situation other than keeping your hairdresser on speed dial? We’ve asked some of the hair industry’s top stars to identify the warning signs that you and your hair might need to rethink the relationship.

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The Sign: Dry, Parched Ends
Eventually, the winter chill gets the best of many of us. That's when we kick up the heat in our apartments, saving us from freezing our bodies, but essentially cooking all the life and moisture out of our hair. The cure? Turn down the heat a little. “To protect your hair and skin from drying out at night, sleep with a hot water bottle instead of blasting the heat,” says celebrity stylist Sunnie Brook Jones. She also recommends using a moisturizing shampoo, such as Head & Shoulders Damage Rescue, to rejuvenate damaged hair. And, as for split ends that just can't be repaired? Snip, snip.
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The Sign: You’ve Had the Same Hairstyle Since High School
While high school and college can mark many a great moment in one’s personal history (including being your hallmark of Everybody-Wants-Me Hair), let’s just say that some time may have passed since then. The good news: An even better, more exciting hair moment may be waiting for you. “If you’ve had the same hairstyle since high school, it’s time for a hair overhaul,” says Ted Gibson, celebrity hairstylist and owner of Ted Gibson Salons. “Change your look — it’s only hair!” Too scared to go full-tilt with a hair makeover? Perhaps ask your stylist to switch up your current style slightly by adding layers or a touch of color. Baby steps, people.
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The Sign: You’ve Never Colored Your Hair
We know that natural color can be beautiful, but if you're a dye virgin, why not go for a "hue and improved" look? If you’ve avoided playing with hair color, this might be the time to try even a demi-permanent option that washes out after a few shampoos. Don’t be afraid: The right tone can change your entire look, even if it’s just to make your hair look like a thicker, richer version of your existing color. “I believe that all women should color their hair,” says Gibson. “Even if it’s just a gloss, color treatments will give so much life to your look.”
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The Sign: You’ve Forgotten What Your Stylist Looks Like
A telltale sign that you might be in need of a hair overhaul: You can’t remember the name, phone number, or physical aspects of your stylist. In other words, if you haven’t set foot in the chair in a while, it's time. “If you haven't changed your hairstyle in a year — or haven't seen your stylist in six months or more — you are overdue for a visit with your stylist,” says Kattia Solano, owner of Butterfly Studio Salon.

Fair enough, but what if you're trying to grow out your hair? “Unless you've strategically upped your moisture maintenance or are closely following a restorative hair care routine," Solano says, "it’s likely parched with split ends, crying out for the kind of deep-conditioning only a treatment service can fix.” Maybe blow the dust off that business card and give your hair pros a call, even if it’s just for a trim or a deep conditioning. They miss you.
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The Sign: Shapeless Length
We’ve all been in the growing-it-out phase, where we skip cuts for months (or years…show of hands?) due to some PTSD from an overly scissor-happy stylist. But, even though you may have length, eventually a grown-out style will look a bit shapeless and lackluster.

“Many people will neglect an appointment or won't modify their style out of fear, but something different doesn't always have to mean chopping all your hair off,” advises Solano. “You can always simply add more texture to your haircut, adjust the angles and how it frames the face, or simply add seasonal bangs.” Solano advises going slowly by changing your style just a little each season, gradually adjusting your length and/or color, rather than going in for a massive makeover all at once.
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The Sign: You’re Known For Your Ponytail
While we love a good ponytail as much as the next girl, let’s not kid ourselves: It’s not a ‘signature style’ for which you should be known. It’s usually the hairstyle version of comfortable sweatpants or a house bra — awesome and comfortable, but not for every day. “I always ask to those who say they don't have the time, styling knowledge, or will to do their hair: Why keep the length?” says Solano. “You might as well go for that pixie, or look into a low-maintenance short cut that's chic and works with your texture better.” Does that terrify you? “At the very least," she says, "ask your stylist for a tutorial for doing something more with your hair: top knots, braids, or a fun shape at your front or crown.”
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The Sign: You Hate Styling Your Hair
If your morning routine is starting to feel like some kind of punishment where heat styling tools are the only way you can get your hair to “behave,” then it’s probably time to rethink your style. There is an easier way to handle your mane, which is a better haircut. “Ask your stylist to add layers and fringe details that suit your bone structure,” advises Elaine Mitchell, Senior Creative Director, Sassoon Salon NYC Uptown. “A great haircut allows you to achieve an effortless, tousled, low-maintenance look.” In other words, you don’t have to cut it all off to get a newer, easier style that requires less fuss.
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The Sign: You Always Look Tired
Clearly, we’re all working like crazy. But, if you always look tired, no matter how much sleep you get and how much makeup you wear, that’s a clear sign that you need the magic that only a good hair color can give you. “When the weather changes and your summer tan starts to fade, you need to adapt your color,” says Mitchell. “Instead of sun-kissed highlights, try warmer, golden caramel tones, more vibrant reds, or richer chocolates. You’ll give your complexion a more radiant, luminous look.”
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The Sign: You Just Don’t Feel Attractive
We’ll say this as gently as possible. Well, actually, we’ll let Ron Williams, celebrity hairstylist and global expert for PhytoSpecific hair care say it for us. “If all of your friends suddenly look better than you do, or you look at yourself in the mirror and you just don’t feel attractive anymore, then it’s time to make some changes,” he says. “If you’ve been wearing the same look for so long that it’s a new millennium, even though that style has worked for you before, it’s time for a new upgrade.” One litmus test that Williams recommends? Page through a magazine, and if you don't see a variation of your hairstyle in there, you could benefit from an update. Ask your stylist for a more current version of your classic style, and gradually work your way to a current look.
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The Sign: You Don’t Look Modern
We love vintage everything, but if your haircut and style could be considered textbook “retro,” perhaps it's time to step into the present day. (Dita Von Teese excepted, of course.) “If you’re not inspired by your hair when you look in the mirror, you have to ask yourself if you’ve been afraid to change,” says Williams. Whether that means that you've resisted your stylist's recommendations or you have a stylist who isn’t investing in newer, fresher styles, either way, it’s time for a change. You deserve it. That doesn't mean you have to abandon vintage inspiration — just make sure that the end result is a modern interpretation.
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