3 Chic Knotted Hair Styles To Try Now

Don’t get us wrong — we’ll always have a soft spot for buns and braids, but ever since sexy, twisted hair infiltrated the fall runways, we’ve been feeling a little naughty for knots. With twirled just so styles seen everywhere from Honor to Zac Posen's leading ladies, it’s safe to say there’s a new, chic ‘do in town.
To help us replicate these feminine creations, we turned to our go-to beauty pro, Katie Nash. And, while we knew they’d look effortless, we’re pretty thrilled about just how easy they are to re-create — honestly! Click through and give ‘em a go yourself. Now, who’s ready to tie the knot?
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Look 1: A Cascading Half Updo
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Step 1: Grab a section of hair in the back and separate it into two parts.
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Step 2: Tie the two parts into a knot.
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Step 3: Leave one end of the knot loose, so it hangs down and secure the other end in place with bobby pins.
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And you're finished! An easy, undone style you can rock from day to night.
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Look 2: Knotty Girl Ponytail
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Step 1: Part your hair down the middle and divide into two sections.
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Step 2: Tie the two sections in a knot.
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Step 3: Then tie the ends together into another knot and combine the two ends and secure the knot with bobby pins at the nape of the neck.
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Ta-da! Chic, tousled and so sexy.
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Look 3: Triple Twists
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Step 1: Separate the hair into three sections.
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Step 2: Starting with the middle section and beginning at the nape of the neck, tightly twist the hair to the right.
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Step 3: Continue twisting the hair until it starts to twirl over itself. Then secure the hair in place, tucking and pinning any loose ends.
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Step 4: Now take the right section and again, tightly twist and secure to create another knot.
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Step 5: Take the left section and twist it to the right, over the other two knots and across the back of the head.
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Step 6: Tuck the ends and secure with bobby pins.
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So twisted! A romantic yet edgy 'do!

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