H&M Website Gets A Shiny Revamp, But Still No E-Commerce

Those stylish Swedes at H&M cheered up our morning with a brightly-designed website revamp, which includes searching by trend, the organic and eco-friendly "Conscious Collection," and a brand-spanking-new Android app. The facelift means easier navigation and a well-crafted blog with tons of inspirations and tips. What is noticeably missing, much to the chagrin of, well, everyone, is any e-commerce, which means we can certainly look at adorable dresses (and even see how much they cost) but not purchase them (you'll have to wait until 2012 for e-commerce!). The Android fans in our office gave the new app a test drive—literally shaking your phone nets you sweet deals and allows you to save them for later—but without being able to shop online, it's still just digital window shopping. So, unforch, after we make our online shopping list, we have to begrudgingly walk the six blocks to our nearest H&M. Alas.

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