Men’s Haircuts You HAVE To See

We all know a dude (or three) who needs a new haircut. Or, perhaps, nearly every dude you know needs a new haircut. Maybe you're even one of those dudes. Of course, this probably doesn't surprise you. Some may call it unfair, or sexist, but the haircut resources (read: inspiration) available for the men of the world are scant in comparison to the array of women's-hair looks adorning many Pinterest pages and screengrab folders. Is this a scientific, fact-backed claim we're making? No, but it's safe to say that men get the short end of the "new haircut" stick, at least from our perspective.
In an effort to help give visibility to some of the raddest barbers and stylists working today — and, let's not lie, help direct some of the aforementioned dudes to a cut well-suited for 2016 — we checked in with our favorite forward-thinking groomers from around the country and beyond.
From L.A. to Nashville to London (and a few spots in-between), you'll find some of the best cuts to copy now, plus tips on how to style them at home. Oh, and while you're at it, go ahead and follow these barbers and stylists on Instagram. No harm in keeping the inspiration coming, if only to prove our above nonscientific claim wrong.

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