Gunn on Collins, Macphereson’s Mutt, and’s New Face

Elle Macphereson's dog, Bella, has a modeling contract and appears on Australian billboards. What does yours do (other than eating your cookies and leaving fur on the couch)?
Surprisingly, Katy Rodriguez of L.A.'s Resurrection is a total Laker-loving jock. Hey Katy, the ESPN Zone is, like, three blocks from the Bryant Park Tents. See ya there.
got some much-needed plastic surgery this week.

"My patience was simply exhausted and I was just tired of her rudeness… In the course of 29 years of teaching, you develop a lot of resources to deal with students you'd like to smack."—The usually saintly Tim Gunn on Project Runway contestant and convicted cat-throwing felon Kenley Collins.
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