5 Hacks For The Ultimate Healthy Week — Sep 14 2014

91414_hacksPhotographed by Julia Robbs.
Here’s your chance to be a grocery-store VIP. The Instacart app expands its services, now offering personal shoppers and delivery for Whole Foods purchases, so you never have to stand in line for your organic apples and kombucha again. (Fast Company)
It's time to dust off that yoga mat you have tucked away under your bed. Spending quality time on your asanas will do your abs — and your mind — some good. Try this flow for a stronger, sculpted core.
One of the best headache medications is meditation. (Say that five times fast.) A regular mindfulness practice can benefit your mood and body, so carve out time tonight to visualize your healthier week ahead. (SHAPE)
Whether you need a mid-workout energy boost or just some fuel to get through a grueling day at the office, these six performance snacks will feed your muscles while appeasing your taste buds. May we suggest having your shopper add them to your Whole Foods cart? (Outside)
Is your sex life missing a little science? Here are four research-backed ways to make sex more pleasurable. Don't blame us if you're late for work tomorrow.

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