Grey's Anatomy Season 15, Episode 24 Recap: "Drawn To The Blood"

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The penultimate episode of Grey's Anatomy Season 15 was full of arcs the show has been following all season — Gus (Christian Ganiere), the little boy with the incredibly rare blood; the quadriplegic woman who is waiting to see if a stem cell transplant will help her; Jo's (Camilla Luddington) struggle since meeting her birth mom. It is all framed by Catherine's (Debbie Allen) arrival at the hospital to meet with the foundation's board, a shoe viewers wait to drop all episode long. When it does, it drops hard.
The meeting turns out to be about the migrant girl whose insurance information Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) forged last week. The insurance company has found out about what Meredith did and DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti) is the first person called in to answer questions about it, so he takes the fall for the woman he loves because he can't let Meredith be taken away from her kids. He tells her this through the window of Gus' hyperbaric chamber, and it's dramatic and lovely and very "Not Penny's boat" of them.
While we all waited to find out what Catherine's devastating news would be, Gus's blood donor arrived from London. She's agoraphobic because her family found out about her blood type very early on. They always told her to be extraordinarily careful with herself because if she were to get hurt, she would die. So now she's terrified to even leave her house, which means flying halfway across the world to help Gus is a huge deal for her.
She has a panic attack sitting in the plane, and Owen (Kevin McKidd) rushes to the rescue, convincing the woman to save Gus's life via a video call that Teddy (Kim Raver) witnesses. Owen is so very compassionate and strong for the woman it clearly touches Teddy — so much so that she realizes she's in love with Owen. He's always been the one for her, something she tells Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) because Amelia is the one home at Owen's house when Leo had to go home from daycare.
It feels organic, but it's still kind of a bummer because Raver and Greg Germann have such great chemistry together. However, we all knew this was coming and Raver sells it. Plus, Teddy's water breaks in the middle of her big speech, so the smart money is on Amelia delivering Teddy's baby in the season finale next week. The reason they won't make it to the hospital is that a storm has rolled in and there's a pile-up on the freeway.
This pile-up is also waylaying Owen and the golden blood donor. They are right in the middle of the massive car crash, and it leaves us with a stellar cliffhanger for the final Season 15 episode next week. McKidd actually directed this episode, and he must be commended. He made some really interesting choices with the Meredith-Jo scenes, and the car crash scene was quite scary. It was a great example of less is more because all the terror came from not being able to see the threats, and then some great sound effects and lots of screaming on the parts of the actors. It was very effective.
The other two big storylines are the stem call woman, who must now undergo emergency surgery, and Jo finally telling someone why she's been so depressed and unstable lately. Jo tells Meredith about the rape and then says that violence is apparently her birthright. Meredith knows this is nonsense and gently tells Jo that she has taken the darkness in her life and turned it into so much light. But the big question now is whether Jo wants to keep fighting or give up. Jo says that it's honestly a bit of both, so Meredith takes her to the hospital to get a proper leave of absence so she can get some professional help.
But in all the hullabaloo with Gus and Catherine, Jo gets left alone. One has to wonder what she might do while no one is looking after her. Tune in next week because "Jump Into the Fog" looks to be an incredible Grey's Anatomy episode.

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