Love Eveleigh? We Guarantee You'll Go Nuts For Goldie's

The foodie paradise that is 3rd Street just got a little more crowded. Goldie’s is all about sustainable ingredients, rustic practices, and seasonal eating — without the rarefied air that accompanies many other farm-to-table eateries.
Nick Mathers, the mastermind behind Eveleigh, envisioned Goldie’s as a laid-back locale where groups of friends can catch up over drinks or couples might swing by for casual bites. The restaurant’s decor has a worn-in yet modern vibe with a semi-tiled floor, exposed ceiling, white marble bar, and a garage door that opens to an outdoor patio and Instagram-worthy vertical garden. Lunchtime noshes have our stomachs swooning: We're talking kale, green tomato, toasted sesame, and pickled onion salads and avocado on toast with smoked-chili flakes, marinated tomatoes, and lemon. Just don't forget to order the grilled baby leeks — that dish has been known to inspire some shameless plate-licking!
And, if you can't sneak off for a quick lunch break, dinner service is set to start sometime after March 20. We're counting down the days (or nights, that is!).
Goldie’s, 8422 3rd Street, (Near South Croft Avenue); 323-677-2470.
Photo: Via Goldie's

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