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The Unique Way Tiffany Haddish Is Building Generational Wealth

One thing is for certain: 2022 is giving abundance, and that’s not up for debate. In partnership with Target, the hosts of Go Off, Sis, the podcast from Refinery29’s Unbothered, are bringing the "new year, new me" vibes in a major way. It’s about planning trips, creating safe spaces, setting boundaries, embracing body positivity, and goal-setting.
And sliding into the studio with go-out-and-get-it energy is Tiffany Haddish. When she’s not making us cackle at inappropriate jokes, Haddish puts in the work in other industries. The L.A. native is opening a grocery store in Crenshaw, linking up with Black investors in a tech company, and growing her She Ready Foundation, an organization that provides resources to youth impacted by foster care. “Kings and queens, I’m building. That’s what I’m over here focused on,” says the Girls Trip star about her plans. “I don’t wanna build up institutions that are already here. I want our own stuff.”
Haddish says she knows some people think she’s “stupid,” but in reality, the Grammy Award winner is smart and strategic about using laughter to build generational wealth. She accepts roles that put her face in front of old and new audiences to get young people employed. “It’s about these kids. It’s about creating job opportunities for them. Every time I say yes to a project, that’s 200 people who get to work. If I can make sure 30 to 40 of them look like me, we winning,” she says.
Co-host and Unbothered deputy director Kathleen Newman Bremang appreciates Haddish’s goals: “It makes me think of the Toni Morrison quote: ‘Once you’re free, your job is to free everybody else.’ And that’s what you’re doing.”
But not everybody gets The Afterparty actress’ work ethic. For Haddish, giving back trumps lounging on yachts. The former foster kid wants Black people “to rise." “[My kids] deserve an opportunity like anybody else, so I’m using nepotism at its finest. You want me to be in your studio? You want to represent me? You need to grab some of these foster youth. They need to intern for you,” she says. “I can’t work with you if you’re not taking some of my kids. Sorry.”
To hear more about how Haddish is taking care of her body-ody-ody and her travel tip for finding gorgeous Black men, listen to the full episode, below.

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