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How To Prepare For “Shot Girl Summer”

The hosts of Go Off, Sis, the podcast from Refinery29’s Unbothered, are ready. to. travel. If 2019, in pre-pandemic times, was "hot girl summer," then 2021 is bound to be a “shot girl summer." Joining the latest episode is travel influencer Jessica Franklin, who started blogging on the side nine years ago, staying up until 4 a.m., even though her corporate gig started at 9 a.m. Back then, she wondered if all of those late-night posts were worth it, but after visiting “about 25 countries,” Franklin can confirm that consistency paid off. She’s been flown out by brands to beautiful places, including Zanzibar — one of her favorite Black girl-friendly destinations.
“The water is crystal blue, some of the bluest water I’ve ever seen. It’s super affordable once you get there, but the flight is pricey,” says Franklin. “It’s great to be in the motherland."
No matter where the world traveler lands, protective styles, like knotless braids are a must, especially if swimming is on the agenda or if humidity threatens to wreak havoc on her curls. “I went to Essence Festival five years ago with my curly Afro, and my hair was just all over the place,” Franklin says about the effects NOLA's sweltering heat. “It was like one in the morning, and my hair was literally wet. That’s how humid it was.”
For more on what it’s like to stay safe and practice social distancing while traveling, listen to the full episode, below.

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