What Does A Healthy Relationship Look Like? Claws‘ Niecy Nash On Black Love

Photo: courtesy of Niecy Nash.
Actress Niecy Nash isn’t one to back down from a fight. Case in point: In the award-winning dark comedy Claws, the execs initially saw Nash's onscreen character Desna Simms, the owner of Nail Artisan in Manatee County, as a done-up blonde with loose, beach waves. But Nash believed Desna was on a fast track headed toward a life of crime; she was not the soccer-mom type. “I fought up until the night we began principal photography to wear my hair just straight, straight,” Nash recalls. “No curls, nothing. [I changed her] clothes. I fixed myself up the way I thought she would look, and I sent the photos to all the powers that be.”
She won that fight but admit that it doesn’t always happen that way. In the latest episode of Go Off, Sis, the podcast from Refinery29’s Unbothered, the hosts give “the dopest bouquet of flowers” to Nash, as she checks in to talk about Claws, now in its fourth and final season, the importance of putting more Black talent in the room, career moves, and l-o-v-e. And on that topic, co-host Kathleen Newman-Bremang asks: "From the outside looking in, we are seeing you and your wife Jessica [Betts] in interviews. It gets spicy in those interviews. Your love is just like oozing out. So is there something about this relationship that makes you more comfortable with the PDA, or with sharing some of those intimate moments with all of us?"
"Well, I'm super comfortable with PDA for anybody I'm with — that's number one," Nash replies, candidly. "Number two, the things that makes this relationship different from many others is that, for me, it's the first time I feel fully seen."
To hear about more about what a healthy relationship looks like and why Nash operates from a place of abundance, listen to the full episode, below.

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