The One Thing Keke Palmer Is Doing Differently This Holiday Season

As if being the host of Refinery29’s “The Hookup,” a live dating experience in L.A., wasn’t enough, Keke Palmer slid into the studio for a lil’ holidays-and-chill conversation.
While Palmer usually does the most during the “all-idays” (as she says in her perky Old Navy commercial), the R29 Unbothered creative advisor is ready for a full stop. “I’m two years away from 30. I’m trying to learn how to relax this holiday season,” Palmer says, sharing how she rushes to get everything done. “Thanksgiving was such a vibe. Every year, I realize this is a rejuvenation period.”
And in the latest episode of Go Off, Sis, the podcast from Refinery29’s Unbothered, the hosts get down to fellowship, family, and food. VP Unbothered and co-host Chelsea Sanders dives in with a question about the gooey side dish that reigns supreme: “If you could have anyone’s mac and cheese, whose are you having?”
That’s a no-brainer for Palmer. “My daddy’s mac and cheese. It is the best mac and cheese you could ever have, and the secret weapon is — I can’t tell you. Just know he’s got a secret weapon in there,” she says, laughing.
Side dishes aside, Palmer will host the family’s Christmas festivities at her new place in California. “You know how it is when your family comes to your place? You want to show them you’re doing good. I got what y’all need. Y’all need fresh towels? Y’all need water? I got bottles in the fridge."
But don’t expect the Southern Belle Insults author to go full-on Martha Stewart — her basement isn’t quite finished, and she doesn’t want her nieces and nephews crawling all over her couch. “[Kids] will do the most outrageous things at your house," she says. "You understand why our grandmamas and them had plastic on their couches."
To hear more about traditions (like Secret Jesus vs. Secret Santa) and who’s getting a wig for Christmas, listen to the full episode, below.

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